before you go

you are standing on a line
frozen to the ground
your eyes in tears observing mine
our hearts, forever bound
but i keep running like the child,
destined for the wind borne change
and you keep looking from outside
feeling pain, become estrange

but before you go
i have to say
i love you till the end of our days
and i'll catch you in a vestibule
before our bitter sweet goodbye 

but you cannot stand on solid ground
while being carried by the sea
as you cannot touch the love you've found
or the whisper from a tree
and i feel your longing gaze beneath my shoulder blades
and its ripping me apart
and i know that your silhouette will fade
its an end
and its a start

but before you go
i have to say
i love you till the end of our days
and i'll catch you in a vestibule
before our bitter sweet goodbye 



wolf is a song that tells a story about a place, that we call the middle ground. a place, that is very difficult to stick close to, especially in times of extremes, though all the more important to hold on to. that song came into being about a year ago. back then it carried mostly personal value. when i sing it today it's more like a reminder of that place, that is worth traveling to, in case we forget. the recording isn't the best, but the only one we have :) the lyrics you find below.


i look at the moon and its glow 
and i wonder, how long does your river flow
i see your breath stroking fallen snow 
and i wonder, where do all your currents go

and i walk between fire and ice
and i ask you will you make your same mistakes twice?

i look up at the night sky's surrender 
and i wonder, why can't i remember
you smile and you say it's a game of pitch and toss 
mind your step while you walk
you look back and it's your loss

and i walk between fire and ice 
and i ask you will you make your same mistakes twice?

i tiptoe and i freeze 
what is it that you seek?
your sharp eyes cut through the ice
but your tenderness shines bright
you ask me if i'm free 
and i say, you are the wolf that i long to be

and we walk between fire and ice
and i ask you, will you make your same mistakes twice?



Schön war's <3




it's been ages since my last post. this is my new tune and it comes with a video. i think making the video was the best part of it all. playing and running in the forest....
all good things are wild and free!


 thank you regina for your creative eye!!!



this week's song is about cyclical returns. again! (like the comet song) it seems to be a subject i can't get out of my head. a friend of mine translated it with the german word "der ewige teufelskreis". i shortly considered it to be the title of the new song because it's just so viennese in its description, it boils it down really. without any euphemism :) but i decided to choose the poetic version after all. funny thing is i was reading a book about deja vu experiences over the last couple of days, just to notice right now that it apparently had a stronger impact on me than i had realized.



So this is the first song that came into being during my journey. I wrote it due to the fact that i had troubles sleeping the first few nights. Adjustig to all the new impressions i guess. Or not wanting to let go  of all of those waking life promises :-)



This is one of the old songs, that i have written after a long travel. there are two reasons for this week's post. First, i have another travel adventure ahead of me and am  on the move again. So its the same story really. With all its goodbyes, tears, longing, greatfulness for everything, curiousity and fear mostly :-) i hope i will write lots of new songs and maybe one or the other end up here. at the moment i have perfect english weather in france, so there is time for melancholic songs. The second reason is nostalgia for vienna. This awesome video made by regina shows this lovely city at its best. Enjoy to pass through.:-)